A dream of an Alien Guitar, by Rudy Amsterdam

A dream of an Alien Guitar, by Rudy Amsterdam

So Mr. Rudy said that sometime in mid-July 2017 he had the crazy idea to build his own guitar and what does he know about guitar building? Yeah, absolutely nothing, but look at how he plays his guitar now!


This is the alien image he has in mind for the guitar


The journey of making the guitar starts here...


This was the final product delivered to Mr. Rudy.


Let's take a look at Rudy's after delivery from Handi-Art.....

  • Black Pick Guard

  • Jack Input Connector

  • black screws

  • black tuners

  • strings

  • 5-way selector switch

  • 2 hi-output humbuckers and 1 single coil

  • black strap buttons





And I am still playing this guitar! One of my favorites…I will soon be back for another design project!

Ruud.2T.Frutty 大佬😂🍀

Awesome musical creation.

Chin Kim Onn

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