Main Picture - Liumen Hotel,Melaka


“A charming, luxury boutique hotel situated in a historical town. Elegantly furnished with a complementing black and white palate throughout the hotel. A lot of planning and effort can be seen even in the smallest design element. We felt a very warm welcome from all the staff.” Liumen hotel,Malacca represents our most recent collaboration with our design partner in Malaysia FISKE Sdn Bhd.Contracted to furnish Liumen hotel,Malacca in 2019, the project took about 4 months to complete.We worked closely with their designers throughout the process providing technical expertise. Our design studio and factory situated in Central Java, Indonesia furnished their bedroom units, bathroom furniture as well as their lobby and outdoor furnitures.The hotel successfully opened their door to the public January 2020. “All images are credited to the management of Liumen hotel and tripadvisor” 

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