Furniture & A Home....

Furniture & A Home....



Furniture, understood as an ordinary element, is a good example of the home. In it, man combines its technical aspect with an artistic component, giving it a meaning that expresses the spirit of an era. In fact, the piece of furniture can be understood as a work through which man expresses his ideal being, whether individually or collectively.

By all accounts, inheriting an old piece of furniture was well regarded if it showed the rank of one's ancestors. Otherwise, anyone who wants to decorate their home will opt for new pieces, of which they are acquired to show their social and economic status.

 Period Furniture/Classical Furniture (European Furniture)

 A distinction is made between Colonial, Federal, Georgian, Empire, Jacobean, Queen Anne, William & Mary, Chippendale, Hepplewhite, Sheraton, Louis Philips... and many other styles. These sound classical & old fashioned but till to date it still carrying  on.

These days.... 

We are spoiled for choices, especially in Asia. We have everything you want. There are Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Javanese and many other styles that we can all bring into our home!


A house is made of walls and beams, and a house is built with love and dreams. Regardless of what style and plan you have in mind for your perfect home, whether it be modern, traditional, tranquil, opulent, country or cottage style. Any style you choose is a reflection of the homeowner's characteristics.


There is a wide range of styles on the market for you to choose from. There is no wrong or right theme, agreed to disagreed,  as long as you are comfortable and it suits your needs, because this is a place you call home!

Be yourself, be your own!

Cheers !

Neo Classic

Mix Asian

Mixed Asian


Minimalist, Retro


Before & After....



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