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In-house Kiln-Drying

Kiln drying is the term for seasoning of lumber in closed, well insulated chambers or kilns. There are different types of kiln drying methodology namely solar-drying, convection drying, condensation drying and vacuum drying. Different combination and variation of the methods mentioned aremay be used and are commercially available depending on the intended end result.


We in Handi-Art Sdn Bhd are using the convection drying method. It is the most common way of seasoning lumber. For this method, the lumber is stacked in a kiln equipped with a heating system and fans. The air is heated via the heating component heating the air inside, the air is then convected throughout the stacks of lumber to ensure an even drying via the connected electric fans attached to the kiln. The humidity of the air can be controlled by regulating the temperature, by admitting water vapour through steam sprays, or by changing the air by removal of the saturated air at given intervals through flaps.

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